Saturday, October 23, 2010


I feel that one of my best qualities is that I'm a very patient person.  Probably the result of being with kids all day.  We signed our purchase agreement over 3 months ago and although I couldn't wait for work to begin on our house, I knew we had to wait until October and I was okay with that.  I was patient. 
We were supposed to have our pre-construction meeting this past Thursday, but it was postponed.  They still haven't put the road in.  I know we'll have the meeting soon, but it hasn't been scheduled yet.  I'm getting really impatient.  I know it isn't anyone's fault, I just want something to happen already!  I'm also bothered by the fact that we have to meet with our PM between the hours of 7 and 3.  Not an easy task for a teacher.  I hope I can make it work, but if not my husband will have to go without me.  I really don't want to miss it!  My husband keeps reminding me that when our house is finished we won't even think about how long it took to get started.  He's right.  I'll keep working on that patience.


  1. Our PM was a little flexible with that - he started our meetings a few minutes early (6:45 usually), so I could leave by 7:30 for school and still get the gist of what was going on.

  2. Bunny, I hope our PM is as flexible as yours. I guess there's hope. Is your house already complete? What model did you build?

  3. We built a Sienna. Our neighborhood was nearly complete when we decided to buy, though, so we didn't have to deal with your frustrations of waiting so long upfront. The entire process from finding out about the neighborhood and moving into to our new home only took us 3 months. I felt like that was forever at the time! We were lucky :)