Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the Loop

We got an email today from our sales rep.  They are anticipating the road will be paved next week, then we'll schedule our pre-construction meeting.  While we'll be about 3 weeks behind schedule, they are still saying the house should be finished by early February.  I won't believe that until it gets closer, but I'm just glad we got an update.  I've figured out that its not really the waiting that's making me so impatient, it's the not knowing what's happening.  Although we're behind, I feel much better knowing what the current status is.  I guess I just want to be kept in the loop.  She also told us that our PM has agreed to work with my schedule which I'm very grateful for.  He's already got some bonus points with me.
As I mentioned way back when I started this blog, we are one of six families that bought a house that week back in July.  Our's will be the first one built.  Yay!  We're getting closer, even if we're taking baby steps.

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