Friday, November 19, 2010

It's About Time

After 2 more weeks of no progress being made and no explanation of why, I made an appointment with our sales manager to see if we could get some answers about what was going on and how the delay would effect our closing, locking in our rate, and other variables.  We met tonight and finally got the news we've been waiting for.  Half of the road is in.  Our pre-construction meeting is set for the day before Thanksgiving, and construction will begin the week of November 29th!  The delay was due to a combination of issues between the township, paving company, and developer.  I feel so much better knowing what was going on and what is planned now.

She insists that even though construction will be beginning more than a month after what was planned, we will still close in February.  I'm not sure how that will be, but after reading some of the other blogs, the house does get done pretty quickly.  I guess the project managers have goals to meet so that will provide some motivation to get our house done on schedule.  Every night that I've been there lately, even as late as 9:00 or 10:00, I've seen contractors in at least one house, so I guess they do work hard to meet the projected deadline.

So after this month of frustration and waiting, it looks like things will finally start to happen.  It's about time!


  1. Just wait and see... in no time, you will be like the rest of us who don't have time to update their blog because they are unpacking and moving. :-) They actually finished up on our house and moved our closing a week ahead of what was originally told to us.

    We broke ground on August 12 and closed on October 22... plenty of time for them to break ground and close in February. :-)

    Enjoy... it goes so fast... although the outcome is so much better than the fun of building (which was pretty fun too!). Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I know. I'm just sooooo ready for it to happen. How are you settling in? Can't wait to see some pictures!

  3. It goes quick, we broke ground on Sept 14 and closed Nov 19.

  4. Wow, that is quick. I'm feeling much better about it. We have our pre-construction meeting today, which I'm so looking forward to.

  5. We are building with Ryan, too. We signed the contract Sept. 4, had our pre-construction meeting on Nov. 2nd. Were told they would break ground on Nov. 17. It is Nov. 28th and they STILL haven't broken ground. It is getting really annoying so I know how you feel.

  6. Jen, I soooooo feel your pain. I was certainly frustrated that the house was delayed, but more irked that we didn't know why. I totally understand that there will be delays, I'm realistic, I just want to know why. Hopefully they'll get started on yours soon. I'm so happy to be back in the "excited" stage. Keep me posted on your progress!