Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Question for Ryan Builders...About Food!

This may be an odd question, I'm just not sure of the proper "etiquette".  So when telling people that they are starting on the house this week, a few have asked me if I'm going to take baked goods or other treats to the workers.  I had thought about it before, too.  I envisioned dropping off donuts on the first day of construction.  But then I realized there will be different workers doing different things - those that are there for the digging of the foundation may not be the ones there to frame etc...  Plus our PM told us that we shouldn't really be talking to the workers.  Not that we can't say hello but that we really shouldn't be asking them things about the house, it should all go through him.  So then I wondered if I'm not really supposed to interact with them, should I be bringing them food?  I know I may be giving this way too much thought, but was wondering if anyone else did it.  How often if you did?  Is it common?  Would I be weird for doing it?  What is the home buyer/subcontractor relationship supposed to be?  Any tips would be appreciated.


  1. I didn't do it - thought about it - but never did it.

  2. We didn't do it but then again none of the workers spoke English and I know very little Spanish. Also, we live about 45 minutes from where we are building.