Saturday, May 21, 2011

Common Bond

Hi everyone!  It's been fun catching up on the blogs.  Everyone's houses are coming along great!  I don't have much to report.  Since we actually had a few days without rain (hard to believe in Pittsburgh!) I've had the chance to hang out with neighbors a bit more.  Several of us got together last night and it was great!  Just what I've been hoping for.  I am so happy with our neighborhood.  Everyone is so nice, friendly, and welcoming. Our common bond?  We are all getting really annoyed with the lack of work to the outside of our houses.  Our yards haven't been graded.  Grass hasn't been planted.  Our driveways aren't finished.  There's still painting to be done.  Ugh...  The grass is the worst though.  Our dog now refuses to use the hay we put out to do his business.  He's sick of not having a yard, too!  I just really want our house to be complete.  I'm am so envious of all of you that already have grass.  Enjoy it for me!


  1. I'm sure will get your grass soon the weather is gettin better and there's less rain. Soon enough you will get your lawn. I feel bad for your dog wants to run around.

    I am glad you are able to meet other people in the neighborhood I cannot wait to meet mine.

    You do not have a driveway yet? Are you parking your cars on the side of the street? That would be frustrating not having a driveway hopefully you can get it soon.

  2. Hey KM,

    I'd like to introduce myself. I'm your neighbor across the street! Mine is the lot with nothing on it...hope to break ground this next week. We had our Pre-Construction meeting on Friday. Your blog has been so helpful to me! I can't wait to meet you. We were at the lot yesterday and my 2 year old took off running down the big hill, it took me almost to the bottom to catch up to him. Maybe that hill can help me drop a few pounds!

  3. I'm glad you got a chance to meet your neighbors!! I'm a little nervous to meet mine! :)

  4. Stephanie, we half the first coat of our driveway, but they haven't been back to finish it yet. I know it's been raning a lot, but they have had some oppurtunities to do the grass. We're just getting tired of living around mud.

    ACP, I was nervous, too. I'm a little shy, but they've all made it very easy.

    Cami, I'm so excited! I've been anxiously awaiting to see who our new neighbors would be. You'll love this neighborhood. You have a nice corner lot, and I'm jealous that you'll be on that culdesac road - nice and flat. Unlike the giant hill! It does give you quite the workout though. My husband and I were out walking yesterday and I told him my goal was to get to the top of the hill witout being out of breath. He doesn't think it will ever happen.
    So, what model are you building? When are you expected to close? What did you think of Jeremy? Pretty cute, right? I'm so looking forward to meeting you. I'll keep my eye out for you. Hopefully we'll run into eachother before you move in. Congratulations on your new home!

  5. YAY!!! Good neighbors!! And wow!! One on here!! That is awesome!!

    Sorry about your yards and drives. I know another Blogger (was it Amy?) went out a purchases a strip of sod for her doggy to use outside while they waited for a lawn and it worked!! Just a thought!

    I think the whole process is a "hurry up and wait" process. You know? All of us have had our patience tried in some form or fashion.

    Have any of you contacted your Rep about these things and seen what they had to say?

  6.'s great to meet neighbors...2 things from your post shocked that your driveway and yard have not been completed yet, but the bigger shock is that you are shy...certainly not shy on here and that's a good thing...well most of the time...we won't count your little plugged up sewer line :)

    @Cami - Like all good neighbors, we expect you to start up your own Ryan Homes blog to document and share your process...just kidding...if you decide to do that it would be great, but certainly feel free to ask us all questions and share your ideas.

  7. I came home from work today to a graded yard that is ready for grass seed. We also have a lovely little tree. Tomorrow the painters are set to come to finish the outside work - if the rain stays away.
    LOL, BD. I was wondering if you'd ever comment on my drain clog :)