Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guardian Meeting

We had our meeting with the guardian technologies guy last night.  It wasn't as bad as I expected.  We stuck to our guns and only got what we set out to get - cable, phone, and internet hook ups.  In addition, they also try to sell surround sound, a central vacuum, and a home security system.
I didn't notice this, but my husband pointed out that our sales guy directed the entire sales pitch of the security system to me.  He didn't look at my husband once!  I guess he was trying to play on my "womanly" fears.  I actually did think the system was a pretty good deal, but we're passing for now.
We also finalized our selections last night!  I'll write more about that in the next couple of days.  I'm very excited!  Now the long six months of waiting begins.


  1. KM.
    We had our meeting with Guardian last night.(too funny) We ended with the alarm system but, we negoiated 6months free of service and we only had to get the three years contract. The guy was very knowledgeable he was not real pushy with stuff. Sort of you think you will need it then you would. One thing that we did that really really was good. WE highlighted all the outlets (cable electric Cat5) that we wanted in the house. We did that one the floor plan they gave us. I enlarged the copy here at work then created a key for the different type of outlets that we wanted. In the end my wife can watch American Idol with the speaker system upstairs in the family room (WE DID NOT GET SURROUND). I can use the speaker system downstairs and watch my Phillies and eagles. WE got the 4 room speaker option. We thought it was well worth it. In the end we were little over budget but, at least it was DONE FINISHED! All the wiring run just waiting for the hook ups. With regards to the TV in the family room we ended up getting it hooked up that the wires were not showing since it will be above the fire place.
    Debates we are still having:
    The only issue right now we are not sure if you can do IR TARGET for the TV later. AKA if you have TV mounted on top of the fireplace you can use a sensor to connect to your cable/dvr/dvd players. So, the boxes would not have to be out in the open. There options were for 1) in the same room or 2) within 700 feet in the house. We choose for the same room because of cost.
    Outside speakers
    Should we get one of the room options an outside speaker. I think it would be nice to hook up to the Xm radio. WE just pondering the idea.
    In the end I believe it was well worth it. The guy was great Guardian really responsive and willing to work and did not want to add to add. Think about and get back to me.
    Sometimes when you are building you just need to go for it. In the end my wife is happy with the decisions that we made. And thats all that matters to me...


  2. Tim,

    Glad your meeting went well and that you were able to get what you wanted! The speakers sound really cool.
    I'm really not tech savy, so I don't know what IR TARGET is or how any of this works, really. My husband came home today saying he wants to add some more boxes. I'll let him deal with that, and I'll be thinking about the fun stuff - like what kind of curtains I should get!

  3. Tim,

    My assumption is that the IR TARGET device gives you the ability to put your equipment in a closet somewhere and still operate it with your remote control...ie an IR extender kind of device. If you don't mind, how much was running the long one going to cost or did it depend on how long it was.

  4. Tim - we had Guardian run our wiring to our coat closet, right around the corner from the living room (we're in the Florence model). At the suggestion of our Guardian rep, I went to Amazon and bought a RF Remote on my own - $80 and a done deal. Just a savings suggestion rather than buying an IR Target from them.