Wednesday, August 25, 2010


There isn't much going on with the house so I thought I'd post some pictures from our recent visit.

                                          Looks like we'll have deer in our backyard!

                           We now have flat land!

We have a port-a-potty in our front yard!

Some pictures of our "neighborhood".  This will be the culdesac road across the street from us.

The two pictures below will be the road as it goes down a slight hill.  It's so hard to believe that in a year this will be a road with several houses along it.  I LOVE the trees!


We're so excited.  We can't wait until there is not only progress with the land, but progress with our house.

I apologize for the poor formatting of this post.  No mater how I tried to line things up, this program has a mind of its own.

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