Thursday, December 9, 2010

Electrical Additions

We've got a foundation (well most of a foundation)!  I'm hoping to stop by over the weekend and take some pictures in daylight.  I know they will not be exciting pictures, but I'll still love them :)

We're getting ready to submit our electrical additions.  We're planning on getting the rough-ins in all of the bedrooms and family room.  We're also going to add recessed lights in the morning room, kitchen, and family room.  We're adding another outlet to the island and some additional outlets in the garage.  Do any of you have recommendations for any other lighting additions - either things you're really glad you got or something you wish you had?  Thanks!


  1. You may want to make sure you have at least one, but possibily even two exterior electrical outlets...especially if you enjoy decorating for the holidays. I am not familiar with your model, but it may already have one.

  2. I highly recommend the following:
    *We changed all of the hallway lighting to recessed
    *We added recessed in the shower/tubs - which is now standard on a Florence in our area...
    *We added recessed in the kitchen
    *We added a dedicated circuit in the pantry for the microwave - we like to have it hidden as opposed to over the stove...
    *We did not change from 150 to 200amp service, I wish we had for future use...
    I guess you can tell that we like the clean look of recessed lights... :)

  3. Stefan, I know we get one. I have to double check to see if there are two. Thanks for mentioning it.

    Thanks for your suggestions, Scott. We are getting recessed lights in the kitchen, morning room, and family room. Good call on the microwave - wish we thought of that. Our's is going to be above the stove. We do get the rececessed lights in the showers (just a recent change). My husband and I are kicking around the idea of getting 200amp. I'm leaving that one up to him :) Thanks again!