Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our First Time Inside

We met with our PM and electrician today.  We decided to add some more recessed lights, some additional outlets, ceiling fan/light rough-ins, and some under cabinet lights which I'm very excited about!  We also got to go in our house for the very first time!  It feels so small, but I know it will feel bigger once it's finished.  Here are some of our inside pictures.


Morning Room

Looking into the garage from the kitchen

Dining Room


Master Bath - the tub has arrived!

Master Bedroom

Master Closet  - I love it.

The other bedrooms.

Upstairs Bathroom

Heading Downstairs

I'm sure that's more pictures than you ever wanted to see!  I realized I forgot to take a few that I wanted, like the family room. 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and hope you have a great new year.  I know that 2011 will bring changes for a lot of us as we move into our new homes.


  1. i love the pics girl!!!Its moving so fast for u!!! I cannot wait to break ground!! its freakin killin me!!! So they were open to you adding order changes late? Corey wants to add more i believe (recessed lights)....when is ur estimated delivery date?

  2. I know it's flying by! We should learn the the estimated date this week sometime. Still looks like sometime in February. Once they get started on yours it will go so fast.
    We didn't have to pay any extra for adding the additional lighting options. I don't know how it is for you, but here we pay the eletrician separately. This was the first time we submitted anything to him. He was great! He was really honest about things that we should do now and things that will be easy to add on down the road. The only bad thing is that payment is due two weeks after he finishes the work. We had money set aside for this, I just hate such a big expense as we're getting close to moving in.

  3. Congrats to you!! I've been following your blog which helped us while getting our Ryan home. I decided to start my own page about our Ryan home condo! Looking forward to posting pics as yours and sharing! Are you allowed to walk in the house whenever you want or do you have to make appointments? We should be having our pre-construction meeting within the next two weeks, very excited!

  4. ACP, congrats to you as well. I'm so glad you decided to start a blog, too. I really appreciated the other blogs out there as we were beginning the process. I look forward to reading yours and seeing your progress.
    At least in our plan, you have to have someone with you when you walk through. They say its for safety reasons. I've been very tempted to go in on our own, but my husband likes to follow the rules. We can just pop by though and they'll take us in, no appointment needed.

  5. Things are looking great. It is so much fun to go inside for the first time. Things really do seem smaller when it's just framing. Good call on adding more recessed lights. I love all of ours. We have to now eventually work on getting lights/ceiling fans in most of the rooms since lamps only go so far. One thing at a time that's for sure. Love seeing all of your pictures!