Friday, April 22, 2011

A Couple New Additions

I'm so thankful I have a day off today.  There is just way to much to do.  I'm in charge of a big Family Literacy event at school in two weeks, so that will pretty much consume my life for the next 14 days.  So, I'm thinking we'll do pretty much nothing to the house. 
Last weekend my husband installed the new faucet for the powder room.  Nothing fancy. but definitely a step up from what we had...



Thanks to Thrifty Amy's info about the Pier 1 credit card and the points you accumulate, I decided to go ahead and get the bench I've been wanting for the mudroom.  It's the perfect size.  My husband likes that we didn't have to mount anything on the wall, but he thinks it looks like it should belong in grandma's house.  I disagree and am very happy with it.  I have other ideas for this room, all I have to do is put them into action.  It's pretty sad that my mudroom will likely be the first finished room in my house.

The driveway is almost complete and the sidewalk looks great.  They still have some painting to do around the windows and the pillar on the front stoop.  I cannot wait until we get grass!

There were workers here yesterday and they'll be back today to finish some items from the 30 day inspection.  New kitchen counters are installed, electrical issues are resolved, a couple cabinet problems are fixed.  All that's left is fixing the uneven floors in the kitchen and morning room.  That should be interesting.

Oh, I almost forgot.  We had heavy winds the other night and our shingles were flapping in the wind and we even lost a few.  Our PM said it's because they were put on in the winter and the sun hasn't had time to really "melt" (for lack of a better word) them on yet. 

This picture doesn't do it justice.  They were flapping like crazy!

The good news is that they were up on a ladder the next day fixing them.  So far we've been really happy with our repairs but I wonder how long it will take once there's not contractors in the plan every day - which won't be too long.  There's only 4 lots left!

Have a great weekend everyone.  I'm hosting my first holiday on Sunday :)


  1. Love EVERYTHING!! The faucet is wonderful! And I LOVE your bench!! =)

    We have had horrible storms here the past few weeks (I'm guessing you guys heard about all the tornadoes in North Carolina last week). We had limbs knocked down, some siding flew off, and we lost some shingles. It's all better now though. =) He's explanation of the shingles makes sense. =)

    Glad things are working out for you! GL with your Event!!! Happy Easter!

  2. I love the mudroom bench too! Love the new faucet, great choice! Enjoy your first gathering on Sunday! :)

  3. The faucets do look good! I bet you are thrilled about the driveway I would too. As for the mudroom I do like the idea of bench being in that room a nice plce to sit take your shoes on and off.

    Yikes, on the shingles iit is a good thing that the repairs were able to take effect quick. Hopefully they will stay on that is a scary thing know it can come off.

    Have fun this Easter and happy holiday.

  4. What a difference a few months make. We're in the same area and my faucets or totally different from yours. However, we will be changing them soon as well. I don't like chrome, everything will eventually be brushed nickel.

  5. Everything looks great. I think the bench looks great and it is a perfect fit.

  6. I love the bench, nice to see they have started on your driveway i cannot wait I am so tired of the dirt and gravel

  7. i love the faucet and love love love the bench!!!thats what i wanted as well!!!! but went the cheaper route... lol It looks really good

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mudroom bench!! Where were you able to find i??!!

  9. Thanks everyone.
    Heather, I got the bench at Pier 1. It really fits perfectly. I was looking at your link and there are some great ones on there, too.

  10. The whole shingle thing is a major concern for us as well. we begin building tomorrow and it is cold. I am hoping that we get some good sun this winter with as little wind as possible but we will see. Hi everyone me and my wife are new to blogger and ryan homes please stop through our page @ Our Dunkirk Ryan Home and join us. Thanks!!!