Saturday, April 16, 2011


Now I understand why bloggers post less and less after they move into their new house.  I have been so busy.  In fact after having a little meltdown last weekend about not having enough time to do all the things I need to do I made a new rule for myself - no blogs or facebook until right before I go to bed.  On one hand this has been good because I've been able to accomplish a lot more - school work, house work, exercising, etc...  but on the other hand I'm way behind on these blogs I love so much.  I have so much catching up to do.  While I'm usually able to read most posts, I don't always get to comment.  I know that I won't stay awake long so I want to make sure I at least read everything.  Plus, there are so many blogs now it takes a lot longer to get through.  But I feel like I'm really out of the loop, so I may need to adjust my new rule.

The sidewalk is finished and looks great.  They graded the driveway and lawn today.  The driveway should be in next week.  I am beyond excited about this.  It will be such a relief to have it in.  I'll post pictures once the driveway is in.

Blinds.  Nothing too exciting, so I won't bore you with countless pictures.  Just an idea of how they look in the morning room, dining room and a bedroom.

This is the oddball window in the big bedroom.  It's growing on me.  When it's actually time to decorate this room, we'll see how much I like it.

I finally found candlesticks I like for the fireplace.  I bought them last week at Pier 1, but thanks to Thrifty Amy, I bought another set and returned them and saved $10 bucks.  Thanks for the tip, Amy!

My husband and I have a running joke.  Until we get more to dress up the mantel (including a mirror) I just have flowers and a wedding picture.  My husband thinks the dog should be front and center so whenever he can he switches the wedding picture and the picture of the dog.  I told him the dog picture might soon disappear completely :)

We got a new towel bar, toilet paper holder, toilet handle, and faucet for the powder room to replace the horrid faucet we have.  My husband has all installed but the faucet.  That's this weekend's project.

We're at a standstill for furniture.  After measuring we realized that the furniture we wanted for the family room is too big for the space we have, so we're back to the drawing board.  We looked again at Sheely's last night but there wasn't anything I loved.  So we'll hopefully look at a few other places this weekend.  I know I'm being picky, but if I don't love something I don't want to buy it.

The trip wasn't a total waste though, we've got some ideas for the morning room.  We found a line, Canadel, where you can customize your pieces from the type of table, to the type of legs, to the type of chair, seat color, body color etc...  I like things to match and this would allow us to get bar stools for the breakfast bar and island that match the morning room table chairs.  Plus there's a lot of options for a buffet.  It's perfect....for the person who can easily make decisions.  But for me, it's pretty much torture.  I'd love to do something light and bright maybe antique white, but my husband isn't up for that.  We looked at doing all cherry and still may, but we're afraid it will be too dark next to the cherry wood in the kitchen.  After playing around on the website last night, here's what I'm thinking.  This way we bring in the cherry and also keep it light.

Morning Room Chair

We're debating between  a round, oval or rectangle table.

Breakfast bar bar stools.

Kitchen island bar stool.
 I don't know.  I think I need to think about it for a few days.  If you're interested in the line just go to

Since the weather has been so nice this week, I've had the chance to meet some more neighbors.  So far everyone seems great.  I'm trying really hard to remember names, but I haven't been totally successful :(  I'm so happy to be living here!


  1. Do you have a Pier 1 credit card? I could KICK myself for not opening one when I first started shopping there for the new house. I would have racked up thousands of points by last trip there I finally opened one up (but I pay it off each month, or else I'm not saving if I start to pay interest!). When you open their credit card you get some amazing coupons too!

  2. Oh, I didn't even know they had a credit card. I'm going to make another stop there today so maybe I'll sign up...if my husband's on board. Thanks for another great tip :)

  3. Loving your fireplace candlesticks! Making great progress! I am going to be o stressed when I move into our house because I love keeping up with blogs and I know there won't be much time!

  4. BLINDS!! =) I'm not looking forward to installing those. LOL

    I love your selections for the kitchen. Our table is a distressed white with an oak top. The chairs look similar to yours too, except oak. I think you picked a great compromise with the white and cherry.

    I can only imagine how busy you've been! Glad to "see" you again though! ;)

  5. The candlesticks do look nice on fireplace mantel very classy looking. I do like the kitchen island bar stool and that would look good in my future kitchen. Thanks for the tip on the canadel I will check it out. Looking forward to see pictures of your driveway. It is nice to see you around I have missed reading your blogs.

  6. I like the morning room set! I like the round tape the best, if you ask me. I'll have to look into that Pier 1 card! I know how you feel about balancing! I'm working on my thesis for school in the midst of all of this and graduating the first week in May, so I know it can get hectic!

  7. Canadel always does beautiful pieces and I love the white and cherry! I was showing my husband different tables and my favorite is one that is black on the bottom with a cherry wood top...unfortunately he took that moment to tell me he doesn't like painted furniture. Good thing I have a couple months to work on him ;-) Everything looks like it is coming together perfectly!

  8. I love your candlesticks!! Very romantic looking.. :) I think your furniture looks great and i think you should get a rectangle table.. and I completely understand about not having the time to post....sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day...Good luck making choices :)

  9. Oh I love those candlestick holders...may have to make a trip to Pier 1. We have no idea how to decorate the mantle...right now we have a bunch of pictures on it and that's it. They just sort of landed there after we took down all the Christmas decorations. The blinds look great! I also like the selection of furniture you are pondering. Still working on your DH about antique white huh? Hopefully he will cave. I really think the white furniture in the morning room gives it a more open and bright feel.