Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Day Inspection Oops & Smoke Detector

I cannot believe it was already time for our 30 day inspection.  What happened?  We've been living here for a month already.  That's craziness!
Our PM came by today for our inspection.  As you'll see from the pictures below, my husband and I went a little blue tape crazy.  It looked like my house had chicken pox...

You get the idea.  Blue tape everywhere - mostly for nail pops and other wall/paint issues.  What I didn't realize is that that they don't fix the nail pops or most other drywall issues until the 10 month inspection.  Oops.  All of that taping for nothing.  It makes sense that they wait, I guess I just missed it before.

They are fixing some issues later this week:
  • new counter top for island and breakfast bar (there are several bumps/bubbles in them)
  • new kitchen/garage door
  • repairing uneven floors in a bedroom and a really noticeable one in the master bedroom.  I'm not quite sure how they go about doing that.
  • fixing doors from sticking
  • repairing a crack in the vinyl floor
  • steam cleaning the carpet in several locations where there is dried paint
  • fixing screens that are popping out
  • repairing a few cracks in drywall
  • making the carpet on a couple of steps a bit tighter
  • adding dimmer switches for recessed lights (we paid for them, but they weren't installed)
  • some down spout repairs
That's all I remember right now.  Our ten month will be right around Christmas.  A fixed house for Christmas?  I'll take it!

Good news!  Our smoke detectors work.  My husband cooked for the first time tonight and well, he set them off.  Hmm...I've done all the cooking for the past month - no alarm.  He cooks one night and off they go.  I'm just sayin'.


  1. haha I'd definitely have fun at the hubby's expense on that one! I guess I didn't realize that they don't do any wall fixing at the 30-day either. We still have some tape left up on the walls that they missed during our pre-settlement walkthrough! What do nail pops look like and where should I be looking for them?

  2. Thats a bummer. What if you want to paint? Does that mean you have to wait till Christmas to get it all fixed then you can paint? Im confused. Thats like the first thing I plan on doing is painting.

  3. LOL...Corey cooked today too but no Doesnt it feel good to be served dinner sometime?? lol Well i guess you have to remove all the tape for least you took pics right... :) And yes please show me what a nail pop looks like :) and i hope they take care of the major things this week!! :)

  4. Be careful with the dimmer you have the new CFL bulbs? If you do, there are special CFL bulbs to use with dimmer switches. DO NOT USE A STANDARD CFL BULB WITH A DIMMER SWITCH.

    If you don't have CFL bulbs then no big deal.

    Nice stunt by your hubby cooking dinner...thats his way of avoiding the cooking next time LOL!!!

  5. I wasn't sure what to expect for the nail pops either, but now I know. We have a bunch of them! They just look like little raised circles coming out of the wall. We found a lot in the stairwell for some reason. I wish I could tell you where to concecntrate when looking, but they're all over. I'll try to get a close up picture posted tomorrow.
    India, it was very nice to have dinner served. I'll take it when I can get it.
    BD, I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'll look into it. Thanks for the tip. And have you met my husband? That is totally his plan. It's worked in many other areas!

  6. Its surprising that they wont fix the nail pops until 10 months. Does the nail pop considered unsafe for kids?

  7. Bitty, I your comment went to spam, but I was able to get it published. We can paint, but we'll have to deal with the nail pops down the road. Apparantly, when they pop out you have to spread some goop on them, sand it down, and repaint. The problem lies in that when you repaint you can tell the difference. Plus, if you paint Ryan will fix the nail pop at the 10 month, but will not repaint obviously. We're up in the air about when well paint.

    Sara, I guess the thinking is that they're will be more nail pops later and why make a big mess twice. They're fine for kids, just a flat circle that sticks out.

  8. We painted and said we will deal with the nail pops and the 10 month when it comes around. I'm not dissapointed we painted now. We have a ton of nail pops everywhere and now a big ding in the dry wall in the foyer as of last night :(. DH was bringing up part of my son's new headborad when the mudroom door closed on him. The hole is about the size of a worse than what I did to our granite countertop no less than a month of moving it. Accidentally hit the edge with the crock pot when I was cleaning it and chipped a big piece off the counter...doh. These things are bound to happen I guess. Both will be fixed soon by us. KM I can't believe it's been 30 days already!! Time flies!

  9. The blue tape is a great idea. I'll have to remember that!

  10. Wow, I was planning to paint right when we get the house. How do they fix the nail pop in? Would it be better to paint after the 10 month inspection or it wouldn't matter?

  11. Wow time flies when you're having fun! I hope you are able to post of a pic of what a nail pop looks like, so we know when we have one! I'm glad you noticed all that needs to be fixed and I'm SUPER glad they will be taken care of!! Me and the hubby will need to review all of the things we selected so we can make sure we can stay on top of things!

  12. Wow. That puts a damper on things now doesnt it? haha. We have repainted some spots in the condo and your right. The paint never looks the same. We tried to take some old paint to Lowes to have them shake it up for us and they cant shake cans that are less then half full. Thanks for the heads up. I will have to remember that when it comes time. =)