Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Office and Finalized Blinds

Since two of our bedrooms don't have any furniture yet, there's no need to show you those pictures.  That just leaves the office.  For now, until we finish the basement, this is also my husband's spot to display his sports stuff.  I'm eager to get this room painted.  I actually have a lot to hang up in here.
I'm thinking about getting another bookshelf for that back corner.

In other news, I finally decided on blinds.  After A LOT of thought and changing my mind a million times, I decided just to get the white faux wood.  I went into Lowes today with the intention to get the faux wood downstairs and the fabric cellular shades upstairs.  When I added the room darkening panel, my color choices were limited and I didn't really like any of them.  So, I took it as a sign and went with my original plan.  Plus they're $40 cheaper per blind so that helped.

Good thing we're going for the cheaper blinds because now we have to buy a new TV.  Our bedroom TV, which was a big old tube TV, bit the dust last night.  We decided that we'll move our current living room TV upstairs and get a bigger one to fill up the space in the wall unit.  So, that's this weekend's purchase.  We were supposed to look at furniture, but I'll only be able to pull my husband away from March Madness for a little bit.  Furniture will have to wait another week :(


  1. I told you the blinds are practically a steal and they look good!!! Congrats on the purchase Ms.Indecisive!! lol...I know the hubby is excited about the TV girl!!!!! lol...#MARCHMADNESS

  2. LOL at India and Corey!!!

    Looks great hon!

  3. You will be happy with the faux wood blinds. They are also pretty room darkening when closed and I love the ones I have downstairs. The only thing I like about my cellular shades is they are cordless (good when you have kids) and the light filtering ones in my room can be closed but the room is still bright. You can adjust the wood ones as well though, to let good light in and have privacy so I think you'll be very happy. Are you getting blinds on the stairway window? Just curious...we don't have blinds on that window.

  4. Window treatments, I dread them. Can't I just keep the temporary blinds up forever? Sigh. Great ideas for the office. Sweet for the tv. Until we get the basement finished we're using the large room upstairs as a rec room. This is also where the playstation 3 is going. I told Daniel if he can find another flat screen for under $500 he can get it for the rec room. Big mistake, this brings it to two tvs that we're buying.

  5. Great choice with the blinds,I got the same thru-out our home. Love the office, nice desk I could only wish my husbands office could look as neat as yours

  6. LOL @ 2011 I totallly agree. I have no idea when we will bite the bullet and get blinds..still haven't figured out exactally what we want. We know we want to do bamboo roman shades/blind in the morning room and shutters in the office. The rest wood blinds of some sort...I'm fine with faux but DH wants the real stuff... = $$$$ that we just don't have. So until that happens it's temporary ones for awhile. I'd like to do curtains in some of the rooms but he wants to wait until we have blinds up. Sigh...