Monday, March 14, 2011

The Police and Some Pictures

Well it only took me two weeks but I managed to get pulled over for speeding in our plan!!!  I'm that horrible neighbor who everyone is going to hate for driving too fast.  I didn't even realize I was speeding. I can't believe I did that.  Luckily I got a warning instead of a ticket.  Welcome to the neighborhood KM!

Speaking of I met a neighbor this weekend and had nice long conversation.  She's lived hear for a year and a half and hasn't had any big issues, so that was reassuring.

Anyway, I can't believe we've lived here for two weeks already.  All in all, we're settled in and now the real work begins.  I can't say I'm proud of how the house looks right now, but thought I'd better get some pcitures posted.  The house does look kind of blah because of our furniture and our lack of furniture.  It won't stay this way for long, but at least you'll get the before shots before we fix it up :)  I'll start with some downstairs rooms today.

I'm off work for the next two weeks, so I'm hoping to get moving on decorating.  We're going to start looking at living room furniture this week and blinds are on my agenda,too.  I'll  also start accessorizing.  The plan is that as we get furniture for each room we'll paint.  I'm feeling very intimidated by painting and by the decorating in general.  There are just way too many choices to make and since making decisions is not my strength, I'm feeling some anxiety.  So I think it's better that we take it slow.  So, here's where some things stand now:

I still need to spruce up the kitchen.  The stool is temporary, but I love sitting there!

I LOVE the refrigerator!
One of my favorite places (NOT my favorite furniture, however!)
My Living Room - The Hodgepodge of Furniture :)
The fireplace is on my agenda for this week, too.
We bought that wall unit over a year ago, but we were afraid to buy the bridge piece in case we couldn't keep the whole unit together.  I'm going to order the bridge this week so at least one thing can be completed.
I have some ideas for new furniture for this room and how to arrange it, BUT I have no clue what to do with this spot!

In other news, they FINALLY fixed our driveway.  It was really bad last week after all of the rain.  I was so happy to be able to park in the garage before we got hit with a bit of snow the other night.  For the first time in a very long time, I didn't have to clean off my car and just got to enjoy the beautiful snow!

Looking out the office window.
View from our bedroom.
I love all the trees.
So Pretty!

More pictures to come in the next few days.  It'll give me something to look forward to :)


  1. It looks great! I like the entertainment center and the placement of your tv in the family room. Sometimes I envision ours over there too but but since we don't have a fireplace, our tv and entertainment unit have to be our focal point. As far as the little empty space in the family room goes, we use ours for a desk and computer, but I think a sofa table or bookshelf with some flowers and a pretty lamp on it with a mirror or piece of art hanging on the wall above would look good. I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  2. The snow looks so pretty on the trees! I agree with natalie, a sofa table or bookshelf would look great in that space. I love your gourmet island..i'm hoping to convince gary that we need to have something like that built!

  3. I was thinking sofa table, too but I'm worried that it will be too much wood furniture on that wall. My husband wants to make it a bar! If I would let him, he'd NEVER finish the basement.

  4. From a guys point of view I would vote with Natalie and Lispis...tell your husband I said forget the bar and get started on the man cave in the basement.

    km...speeding in your new should be ashamed...BUT, I know you were just excited and in a hurry getting to your new home.

  5. Love the view from your windows!!!

  6. Don't worry, BD, I won't let him put a bar there! And I am ashamed :(

  7. LOL at BD well KM we all have sped at one time another you are not the ONLY one!

    The open space it looks like its on the way to the kitchen maybe some shelves you can use for the kitchen part but I do like Natalies comment on putting a desk/computer there. Whichever you decide I am sure it would be awesome!

    The pictures of all the snow are beautiful!

  8. Kylie!!!! Well ive been there so I love the house!!Enjoy this time off and i hope you get some good stuff!!! I cant wait to get in ours!!

    I must say your hill does frighten me!!

  9. KM I love the wall unit I know the feeling there is so many choices and it is hard to settle on one. It is best to take your time.I like the trees also so pretty with all the snow

  10. beautiful!!

    That space you don't know what to do with? How about a sofa table, credenza, hutch, ect.? A place with storage, but also a place you could place a lamp and several photos of family?

  11. I'm a fast driver too, so yeah I'm probably going to be that person lol. Great pics. I would put a credenza in that spot too. Or maybe some nice set of shelves. The trees and hilly area around your house looks beautiful since I'm from a flat state and only have lived in flat areas I'm always amazed by views like that!

  12. Wow! Your house looks great! We have sh*t everywhere! I am having an interior designer from Sherwin Williams come to house on Thursday to help me choose colors. Sherwin Williams has a promotion that if you buy a $75 gift card to their store, they will send an interior designer out to your house for ninety minutes. Venice Evolution introduced me to this idea. I plan on using the card towards paint and supplies.

  13. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. FM, I love the hills too - except when I'm walking up them :)

    Megan, thanks to your tip, whenver we're finally ready to paint I'm headed to Sherwin Willimas, too. Also, we are totally unpacked, but I don't have 3 kids and the stuff that belongs to 3 kids!

  14. For the nitch in the about a fish tank? That's what my husband wants to do. I told him that if he maintains it and I don't have to, then fine! :)