Monday, January 31, 2011

#25... and am I too picky?

Update - I AM too picky!

We're gearing up for another winter blast in Pittsburgh. If I have a snow day tomorrow, there will be lots of new pics.  But for now...

#25 - The Master Closet

Love, I tell you! I'm in love with this beautiful closet!  Sure it's not the biggest closet in the world.  Heck probably most of you that are reading this will have bigger closets, or will have two of these in your master bedroom!  But I couldn't be happier with this closet (okay, maybe I'd be happier if it had a lower bar installed too)!  It's a true walk in. It even has it's own window! My husband and I each get a side.  It is perfect. 
It feels like so long ago, but back when I started this blog we were wavering between the Florence and the Venice.  This closet was one of the reasons I wanted to get the Venice.  I know that sounds ridiculous- it's only a little bigger, but it was a big deal to me.  I'm so excited about this!
Now I need to go shopping so that I can fill my side up with some new clothes!  Unfortunately, there's a lot on the "to buy" list and clothes aren't included!

Speaking of closets, let's talk about the pantry.  This was one of the few things I was disappointed in yesterday.  Now before I continue, please understand that I know there are bigger issues in the world than my pantry.  I know that I probably will sound like a whiny brat.  But, we spent a lot of money on this house and I just want it to be as perfect as can be.  My husband thinks I'm nuts and being WAY too picky about this, but the shelves bother me.

In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, it's that middle support bar that I'm not digging. First, I think it's ugly.  Second, I feel like it's going to get in the way of using the middle of the shelf to the fullest extent since things will hit up against the bar.  I was hoping it would look more like the shelves in our linen closet

If you think I'm crazy and just way to picky, please let me know. My husband thinks maybe the bar was needed for extra support since the items on these shelves will be heavier.  I just don't remember them being this way in any of the models. For those of you who have a finished pantry,are your shelves like this, too?  I know it's no big deal, it's just going to be one of those things that annoy me.


  1. The extra pantry supports won't get in the way, trust me, and you'll barely notice it once you start to pile in the food. :) We also added a vertical support because our soup/pasta sauce shelf was worrying me.

  2. I have the older model with bifold pantry doors and just had to check mine to see where the bar's in the middle too! It doesn't get in the way too much and you will want the extra support!

  3. The closet is awesome of the reasons we chose the venice over the florence. Mine is still packed since I have way too much stuff but I love it. I added a shelf on my side of the closet. I raised the bar higher and added one underneath that I use for hanging pants and I put sweaters on the shelf. It's made a huge difference! I will eventually do it on my husbands side too to make more storage space. I bought everything at home depot and did it all by myself. The only tough thing was taking down all my clothes and putting them back. My suggestion would be to do it before you move all your clothes and stuff in. If you buy the supplies you may even get some of they Ryan guys to help you out! I'm thinking of starting a blog about all the stuff I do to improve on the house so everyone can see....let me know if you want me to send you any pictures!

  4. Our condo is still being built but I think that bar is being used for extra support that you may need! You may be able to replace with different shelves later on if it still bothers you! Otherwise, I love your closets too!

  5. Also love the walk in with the window! We're building our own closet system with more shelves etc. You are lucky to have the linen clost... we don't have one! :( Think we'll end up building our own.

  6. Thanks ladies! I needed some perspective. It is great to hear that those of you that have them, haven't had any problems. I have a tendency to overreact sometimes :)
    Natalie, you absoulutely should start a blog! I would love a blog that shows what you did after Ryan was finished. I'm also probably a bit partial since I need some ideas for my Venice!
    Jen, I hope my husband and I can become DIYers like you are!

  7. My parents have built new construction twice, not with Ryan. Each builder did the pantry shells the same way and packing the pantry to the brim was a none issue.

    Natalie, do the blog. I would love to see the changes you've made.

    J the linen closet issue was one of the reasons why we switched from The Jefferson to Victoria Falls. The Jefferson didn't have a linen closet in the owners suite.

  8. Oh, and Natalie, I'll take pictures of anything you're willing to share.