Friday, January 28, 2011


#28 - Open Floor Plan

I'm sure that just about any new construction home is going to have an open floor plan, so I know that my house isn't anything special.  But, to me it is special.  Our set up is going to be perfect.  The kitchen, morning room, and family room space is awesome!  It will be so nice to not be "isolated" in the kitchen when I'm cooking or cleaning up.  Although the dining room is separated, the hallway from the family room to the dining room is wide, so it doesn't feel closed off.  I love the entire first floor.
The best part is I finally get to entertain!  Our house now is so tiny that it makes it hard to have very many people over at once.  We'll have such a great space now!  For a while all the kids will especially love it since not only will it be open, but it will be fairly empty as we wait to get new furniture :)


  1. tell me about it.....our living room is so small i hate it.... seans toys take up half of it!!!!lol

  2. I agree, I can't wait to have the open kitchen, family room, morning room area. It is going to be so nice!

  3. We went from a 1200 sq ft 100 year old apartment to this house. Now we entertain all the time. We've even had 40+ people over on a couple occasions! It's great!

  4. I agree, I am looking forward to cooking dinner while also enjoying the company of the family. KM your countdown idea is wonderful I am looking forward to it each day :).

  5. India, lol. Your finished basement will be perfect for all of your son's toys. I keep telling my husband that he has to finish the basement before we have children that accumulate "stuff".
    Natalie, great to know that the Venice can hold that many people!
    Tasha, thanks! I'm just trying to keep myself occupied! I'll be thinking of you the next few days. I hope everything goes smoothly. Can't wait for your post settlement blog post!