Monday, January 31, 2011

#26 and Today's Visit

Yikes...I'm getting this in just in the nick of time.  Busy day!  I started packing and just had a bunch of stuff to do. But as promised, here's what I'm looking forward to today.

# 26- Dishwasher
Remember when I said it's the little things that make me happy? I am THRILLED that I will finally have a dishwasher.  I've never had one before! That's a lot of "washed by hand" dishes in my 31 years!  My dad always said that he never needed a dishwasher because he had 4 of them - his daughters!  Actually it was my mom who did most of the washing.  Since then my kitchens have been too small for one.  Clean up after dinner might not be quite so painful anymore.

I went into the house today.  It was so nice to be there in full daylight.  I am about 95% happy with everything.  They've made a lot of progress.  I took lots of pictures.  There were lots of pleasant surprises.  While I'd really like to write about my visit and post pictures, I have 18 kids that are counting on me to teach them something tomorrow so I need to finish working.  They are so demanding!  I'll catch you up in the next couple of days.


  1. Thats funny...4 dishwashers!!! :) Dishwashers are sooooooooo awesome!! :)