Thursday, February 17, 2011

#10 and #9

I had so many other Ryan blogs to catch up on last night that by the time I started my post, I fell asleep!  I can't believe how many blogs there are now.  I found thrifty Amy's blog a little less than a year ago.  Then when we were seriously considering Ryan, I found a few new ones.  When I started mine there were 4 others that I knew of.  Now I'm following over 30 Ryan Homes blogs!  I think it's great and I love finding new ones.  I'm sure most of us have read the negative reviews of Ryan Homes on the internet, so I think it's great that we have these blogs as an alternative to all of that (hopefully).  So thank you all for writing and keeping me occupied these last 7 months as I've waited for our house to be built.

I can't believe our final walk through is tomorrow.  I'm so excited!  I know I'm obsessed, but I did go by the house last night.  Practically everything that we pointed out last week was fixed which made me very happy.  I did, however, see the inspection from the township sitting  on the counter - the house hasn't passed inspection yet.  There were just  little details.  I'm glad those details were caught and that they'll be fixed before we move in.  The house really does look great!  I am so happy with things.  I also got to meet my new next door neighbor and her son as well as a man that lives a few doors down.  They all seem great.  I can't wait to meet more.

#10 - Basement

I've talked about this before, too.  I'm so excited about our basement.  Although it will be a couple of years before we finish it, it is such a great space.  It is so big and is full of potential!

#9 - Light Fixtures

Really?  I'm excited about light fixtures?  Yep, I am.  In our current house we have dated brass and glass fixtures, so the brushed nickel fixtures are a huge step up.  We upgraded to level 2 (or B - I don't remember which).  We debated this one because we considered getting the base package and upgradig them on our own.  I'm glad we decided to.  It will be one less project and one less expense down the road.
Here are some of the fixtures:

Dining Room

all hallway light fixtures are like this

Here's the light in the bathtubs.  I was thinking they'd be recessed or a little less noticeable.  I should have had the light off for the picture.

One more.  Here's a better shot of the under cabinet lights.


  1. So let's talk about how I thought you were on #15, lol. I can't believe you're in the single digits now. BTW, I will be using this idea for our 30 day countdown. I've started to compile the list already.

    We went with the standard fixtures and I can't remember what they even look like. I'm sold on the under cabinet lighting. Thanks for posting the pic.

  2. How about i was mad at you because i was anticipating the countdown!!! LOL Im like...ok where is KM with her next update!! HAHAHAHHAHA Everything looks awesome!!! I cant wait to see more pics!!!

  3. Thanks for posting the pics of your lighting. The bathroom fixtures are the ones we selected as well and the under cabinet lighting looks awesome. I liked it so much I even added it to the man cave bar :)

    I believe the light in the shower is like that because it is in the shower and needs to be fully sealed from the moisture...just my guess, but I am sure there are better designs out there that do the same thing...but I am thrilled to have lights in our showers.

    I too am thinking about doing a 30 day countdown when the time comes, but I may have to start at 60 days :)

    I too remember when we started this process and there was only the ThriftyAmy blog. It is good to see every one jumping on board and sharing their experiences and their ideas. We are all probably driving our Sales Reps and PMs crazy, but they'll get over it and we will have better houses because of these posts!

  4. Your lights are beautiful! You are in the home stretch now! Single digits! How exciting :)

  5. BD your house is big enough for a 60 day countdown, lol

    Our sales rep knows about the blog and asks did she make it in a post yet. She likes knowing there's a family of blogs with positive things to say.

  6. In the single digits now! Congratulations! Like others have mentioned, I am planning on doing the 30 day countdown...such an awesome idea.

    I love that these blogs are here. We are first-time homebuyers and initially felt like we had no idea what we were doing. I feel so much more prepared and confident having this resource and reading about each other's experiences. I know what to expect and have lots of people to bounce questions off of. And even though we will be driving our PMs crazy during construction I'd much rather do that before than have the headaches/surprises after. BD...I almost feel sorry for our PM, I don't think he knows what he's in for with the two of

  7. Your lighting is beautiful. I went by our house today and our lighting fixtures were installed; not nearly as nice as yours. I guess we should have upgraded. Lighting will definitely be on my list of things to change.

  8. Haha-I also wondered what happened with #9 and #10! I know when I first started looking at these blogs in September, Amy's was the first one I found and it slowly led me to a handful of others....but it seems like all of a sudden they exploded! I love it and I talk about everything I learn on here with my fiance. I know a couple other people who have built with Ryan and I've asked them odds and ends but it's just really nice to hear what other people have to say WHEN they're actually going through it! I feel like I know some of you :) KM I am so excited for you!!

  9. I know its so funny when i talk to the hubby about the blogs...i feel like you guys are my extended family!!

  10. I'm glad to know that people actually enjoy what I write! I hope you'll forgive me India :) I love this little family, too.

    Getting to the single digits is huge. I'm bummed that I wasn't able to get it posted on time.
    Thanks for the comments about the light fixtures. I'm really happy with them. BD, we have a light in our shower currently, but it doesn't hang down like this one. It's a recessed shower light, so there is no "globe". Does that make sense?