Saturday, February 19, 2011

Packing Progress and #6

You guys can you believe I'm down to six days?  It's finally sinking in after spending the day packing and pitching.  My poor dog hardly has any room to move around.  There are boxes everywhere!  I am very happy with our progress and may even be able to spend some of my day off on Monday shopping.  So it's a good thing I didn't get anything at Kohls because my sister has a 30% off coupon that she's giving me tomorrow.  My next trip there has to be very productive.  Any suggestions on things to look for?  Here's my list so far:
- hand towels for downstairs bathroom
- towels for guest bathroom
- shower curtain, soap dispenser, etc... for guest bath if I like something enough to buy it
- maybe a rug for the kitchen and/or mud room
- decorative items
I'm just trying to think if there's anything else I can accomplish while I'm there.

We had our taxes done today and will be getting a decent refund which means I can get some furniture sooner!   Yay!  We're also contemplating custom blinds again.  I'm still torn with that one.  To be continued...

#6 - New Everything

So this one is rather obvious, but I'm so excited that everything will be brand new.  There is such a peace of mind that comes along with knowing that we won't need to worry about a furnace, water heater, or roof for quite a while.  As you drive to our plan you go through a HUGE Ryan development that was built in late 90's and early 2000's.  We heavily considered buying in that plan.  We could have actually got a bigger house for our money, but it was knowing that some of those big ticket items were already 10 years old that made building even more attractive.  Not only is it all big items, but every little thing is brand new.  I love that.  I also love knowing that we get to create the house's history.  So cool!


  1. I'm looking forward to the "newness" of everything as well. I like knowing that no one else has used (and possibly abused) anything in the house. Good luck packing and shopping!

  2. Well I'm happy you can get ur furniture alot sooner! Furniture shopping is so difficult! I can't believe ur moving next week! It's so exciting! I kinda feel like I'm moving too in spirit! Lol. Ur list looks good to me! Hey what are y'all gonna do about the backyard? Patio or deck? Are you gonna get temp steps?

  3. Down with furniture shopping. We can't find a complete dining room table and chairs that we like and that Daniel can fit under. Because he's so tall sometimes he can't get his legs under the table or it doesn't offer enough clearance for him to be comfortable. Although we're in our early 30's we will use our dining room and want a formal table. Grrrrrrr

    Okay, back to my happy place. The newness of it all was one of the main reasons why we wanted new construction.

  4. India we change our mind about the backyard a lot. But lately we're leaning towards a patio. Our yard is so small that we think maybe a patio would be better and just flow right into the yard. Plus we have the egress window in the back of the house so we would lose deck space since we can't build over it. With a patio we could builid around it. That's probably not going to be done until next summer though. We are going to get temporary steps. We have a dog and so that back door will be pretty important.

    2011, we want a formal set, too. I'm excited about getting that furniture. Family room first, then dining room.

  5. How many steps will you need to get to the backyard? We are debating deck or patio too, but leaning towards patio. We will have about 4 steps down and I am not sure I like the idea of not walking straight out.

  6. Jen, I'm not sure how many we'll need. Maybe 2 or 3. Guess I should know that! I get what you're saying about not walking straight out if you have a patio. While a deck would be my top choice, I just think that a patio will be better because or our teeny tiny yard.

  7. Yeah we have a puggle named Kobe... :) And while our backyard is pretty big...i think a patio will suffice and flow better also!! :)

  8. So exciting - it is so close! I know what you mean about everything being new - I'm so excited to live in a house where I picked out where everything goes.

    I hope you get some good deals at Kohls. I've been making a list of little things like that too. We just bought furniture at Colonial Modern (it's on Route 19, I think it's Upper St. Clair) and Levins, got some good deals.