Friday, February 4, 2011


Exactly 3 weeks from Moving Day!  I've really got to get moving on the packing. 
I was able to go in the house again today.  It was close to 6:00 and still light outside!  Phil was right, Spring is coming.  Or not.  Anyway, I forgot my scan disk, so no new pictures :(  The house is pretty much done.  Other than the light fixtures, some cleaning and touching up, and filling the yard, there's not much left to do.  Overall I'm very happy.  There are some little details I'll be filling you in on in the coming days. But all in all, it's fantastic.  Here's something else I'm looking forward to:

#21 - Location, Location, Location

When my husband and I got married a year and a half ago I moved into his place.  It is "far" away from the rest of my life.  I'm at least 45 minutes from of my frequent destinations - work, family, friends, a decent mall, etc...  My husband's family lives by us, but my husband has a 50 minute commute each way.  When we move both of us will cut our commutes in half!  I am really looking forward to that and will certainly appreciate it next winter.
Aside from our shorter commute times, we are in a good location.  We are in Butler county where taxes are much lower than they are in Allegheny county - the county that Pittsburgh is in.  Even though we're out of the county, we're still only about 25-30 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh and really important places like Heinz Field - the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers...who happen to be playing in the Super Bowl this weekend just in case you didn't know :)  I digress....  Anyway, not only that but we're minutes from a major interstate and the PA turnpike.  But I'm most excited that pretty much everything we need is minutes away.  Great restaurants, grocery store, Target, Kohls (I love that place!), Bed Bath and Beyond, you get the idea.  We're also just minutes from Lowes and Home Depot where we'll be making frequent trips in the coming weeks and months.  One of the first items on the list?  Replacing the ugly faucets....

I'm bummed to hear that brushed nickel was standard for some of you.  We're stuck with chrome, but not for long - at least for the downstairs that is. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. KM!!!! Your house was complete in no time!!!! Im soooo excited for you...being close to the stores is great...thats how it will be for us too...Right now we drive to Waldorf for everything anyway so to be closer to the malls and tj.maxx/marshalls/babiesrus is definitely a plus!!!

  2. We won't have brushed nickel facets, just light fixtures and the knobs on the cabinets. Facets are chrome, but they are different than what's in your pic. Ours have the one piece faucet, if that makes sense.

    I feel you about the taxes. If we built in the Ryan community closet to where we live now our taxes are at least $3000 a year more.

  3. KM,

    I'm sure you have done your homework in regards to moving companies. Who have you chosen? We'll be beginning that process very soon. Fortunately we are only moving roughly 2 miles :)

  4. 2011, it's so weird how different things are standard in differnt locations. I really hate the faucets. I think your one piece faucet will be much nicer. We looked at several different Ryan plans in different areas. In Moon we would have been paying over $6,500. We will be sitting right around $4,000. Much more comfortable.

    Jefferson, I did do my research on movers! We got a few estimates via phone and had 3 companies come to the house to give us an estimate. I was more comfortable with the ones who came to the house since they saw exactly what we had. We ended up going with George. They were the most expensive of the three, but I just got a much better feel from them. When I told the salesman that I really liked them, but they were so much more expensive, I got him to knock $50 off for the carpet shield in both houses. They're were still more, but we were willing to pay it. We just have a two bedroom house now so we don't have a ton to move. I'm not sure how much you have to move, but if you'd like to know what our estimates were, let me know. I'd be happy to tell you.