Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Special Visitor and #12

Today was a special day.  My dad finally got to see the house!  He spent a month in the hospital shortly after construction began and has been recovering at home since. I've been showing him pictures every step of the way, but he hadn't been able to see it in person.  He's been feeling much better this week and today he felt well enough to come on a tour of the house. He loved it! He's not one to hide his true feelings, so I know he's being honest.  Even though I'm 31 years old, there's something about me that still likes getting approval from my dad :)  I'm so glad he likes it.  His only "criticism" was that he thought the pantry door should have been the same color as the cabinets?!?!?!  I don't know where he got that one, but if it's the only thing he didn't like, I'm happy.  I'm trying to get him to sell his house and build a carriage home in our plan!

So a weird thing today. When we got there our front door was open a few inches.  I just figured someone was there and forgot to close it.  So we closed it when we went in, but when we were leaving it was open again.  It does get pretty windy on top of the hill, but I think I'd like it if our door stayed closed!  Something to talk to our PM about.  I'm sure he pretty much hates us at this point.

The outside is just about finished.  It's supposed to warm up quite a bit this week so our PM thinks they'll be able to pour the porch.  The light post and garage lights are up and running, too.  I really like them.

#12 Under Cabinet Lights

This isn't a great picture because it was light outside.  As soon as I get a better shot I'll post it.  I just really like this little bit of mood lighting.  Nothing fancy, just some nice soft lighting.  It's not something we thought of, but our electrician suggested it.  I'm glad we did it.


  1. I am so happy for you the house looks GREAT!!!! love the brick. Enjoyed catching up with the 30 day countdown

  2. Are the under cabinet lights fluorescent? We haven't met with the electrician yet.

  3. The under cabinet lighting is a very nice look. We are adding it as well. Everything looks great!!! It is nice that your Dad got to walk through.

  4. Love the door and shutter colors!

  5. Thanks everyone!
    2011, they are not fluorescent. Just a very nice soft light.
    Jen, I like the door color but I'm not crazy about the shutters. It will be fine though.

  6. It looks good KM....your countertops are butterum rt?

  7. It looks fantastic - and I'm glad your dad was able to see it! And don't feel bad - I'm 32 and get my parents' opinion on EVERYTHING :)