Monday, February 14, 2011

#11, Odds and Ends and Final Walk Through Advice

I had some extra free time at school today because of the Valentines Day parties, so I was able to make some calls and get the gas, electric, phone, and internet set up.  Everything's taken care of.   February 26 will be a busy day of installations and hook ups.  Today we also received an email from NVR listing some of the things we will need to bring to closing as well as the amount of the check - YIKES!  So long savings :(

In just 3 days we'll have our final walk through!  So hard to believe.  We of course want to make sure that all of the issues we brought up last week were addressed but also want to make sure we've covered everything else.  To those of you that have had your final walk through or have been living in your house for a while, do you have any suggestions on things to look out for or questions to ask during this meeting?  I'd just like to be prepared going into it.

# 11 - Morning Room

I've talked about the morning room so much, but I've never added it to the countdown.  I am sooooo happy with this room.  Everyone that comes to see the house has pointed out how this room just makes the downstairs.  It just opens up the house so much.  They've all said that not having it would make the house feel very different.  I couldn't agree more.  And I don't know if they do it just to keep me from whining about not getting the extra morning room windows, but every single person has said they like the wall without the windows.  My husband is probably paying everybody to say that!  Although I still would have preferred to have them, I don't hate it without them.  That wall has lots of possibilities.  The whole room is such a great space.  I'm beyond excited about it.

Here's a better shot of the flooring in the morning room and kitchen.  Not bad.

While we're on the topic of floors.  Here's the carpet:

It's a little darker than I thought it would be, but I think it will be fine.  We upgraded to level 2 carpet.  It's not as soft as I'd like, but it will work.

This is random, but here's a shot of the recessed lights above the fireplace.  We're not hanging our tv above the fireplace, so glare won't be an issue. I don't know how often these lights will be on, but they do look nice.

That should do it for tonight.  Happy Valentines Day!  My valentine is somewhere in Ohio tonight on business.


  1. Looking good! I will be checking back to see what advice anyone offers for the walk-through, as we will also be at that point very soon! The recessed lights over the fireplace were a MUST for parents have them on theirs and a lot of times when they're sitting in there watching tv they only have those lights on instead of the lamps. It really makes the room look nice.

  2. All hail the morning room. :-)

  3. When we did our walkthrough I brought color dot stickers to mark all the things I noticed that needed fixing or touching up. Thank God I brought our realtor with us because I would have felt guilty sticking dots everywhere like I was being overly picky but she was sticker happy so I didn't feel bad. Our house looked like confetti threw up all over it when we were done but most of the issues were easily fixed before we moved in or at our 30 day inspection. Anyway I love the morning room and I really like it without windows...maybe because at my house we have neighbors on that side and I like having more privacy. We have no neighbors behind us or that you can see from our sliding glass doors so it works out great for us! (Your husband did not pay me to say that!) I love the lights over the fireplace and they will look really good when you get some artwork or pictures up there. Congrats!!

  4. Everything looks great. You are about 10 days ahead of us. I'm actually going to the house this morning to look at the cabinets that were installed yesterday. I'll be interested to hear how your walk through goes and what kind of questions you ask; we have no idea what we're doing.

  5. Hey KM...when did you lock in your interest rate? About how many days did you leave for delays?

  6. How exciting you are sooo close now!!! :) Our PM was super great and really helped us during our walk through. As others have mentioned he went over everything including mainteance things that needed to be done etc. etc. You will also get a big binder with all the important warranty information and contact numbers which is super helpful. It really seemed like the walk through was to get the major things that need to be fixed and then our PM went around after our meeting and blue taped all the holes, dry wall and other small painting stuff that needed to be fixed. I would ask him if he will be going through the house one last time to look for things that need to be touched up and if not definetly do it yourself. There is just so much other information to go through that it could be a very lengthy meeting so he should do it after you meet. Plus they want to get all 10s on their survey's so that just seems to me that going the extra step for customer satisfaction is important. Plus if you miss minor things it's not a huge deal since you will have a 30 day post move anyway. There were some things we missed like one of the bathroom sink stoppers not being hooked up that we didn't catch until our painter pointed it out. One good tip our PM told us to do was to keep an ongoing list of repairs that need to be done somewhere in the house and then come your 30 days instead of having to remember it all you will already have the list. And then continue to do this for the next 9 months so when your 10 month comes up your list is ready to go.

  7. Everything looks great! It's so exciting to be closing soon. I like a darker carpet, so I think the color you chose looks good. I think the lights above the fireplace look great, we got those also. I think it's better to have them and never turn them on then regret not getting them. Good luck with the walk through!

  8. We are building a Ryan Home as I type. Can you tell me how the carpet upgrade is?
    Thank You imitchely

  9. Thanks for all of the comments and tips everyone. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Congrats, imitchely! We upraded all of the padding to 6 or 8 lb. and the carpet to level 2. The carpet is okay. It's not as soft or as plush as I'd like, but it will be fine. To upgrade the carpet and padding was close to $3,000.