Monday, February 7, 2011

#18, The Outside, and My High Microwave

The only "excitement" of today was that our house was being appraised.  Now we can finalize the homeowners insurance.

#18 - Closet Space

I know I've already written about how much I LOVE the master closet.  I'm also very happy about the other closets - especially the one in the little bedroom that we're using as an office.  I currently house all of my teaching and craft materials in the basement.  It will be so nice to have them nice and handy upstairs, at least for a few years anyway.

Closet in the little bedroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Master Bath Linen Closet (since we didn't upgrade the tub)

Hallway Linen Closet
 More closets than you ever wanted to see.

Here's how the outside is looking these days.  Getting the driveway and yard graded are among the last things to do.

And now the microwave.  Does anything look weird to you?

It's hanging pretty high.  I have to reach to open the door.  I didn't make a fuss about it because, well, you saw what happened with the pantry shelves. But when my MIL and sister noticed it, I felt like maybe I wasn't crazy after all.  We have to ask our PM about it. Maybe it will feel different once the stove is in, but looking at pictures of other Venices, it looks like that cabinet is pretty small causing the microwave to be mounted higher.  Maybe they mistakenly put the cabinet above the fridge and the one above the microwave in the wrong spot? It's not a huge deal, just something weird.  To be continued...


  1. Wow Km..that definitely looks really weird..they better fix that asap!!! Everything looks really good tho...Do you have sliding glass doors in the morning room? If so, are u going to put vertical blinds up...

  2. Are you getting a gas stove? We were going to get one, then once we were told there were fairly new guidelines in NY state regarding how close (or how far away as the case may be) an over-the-stove microwave had to be now, we passed and stayed with electric.

  3. India, we do have sliding glass doors. I'm not a huge fan of vertical blinds, so I don't know what I'm doing there yet. I really need to figure the blinds out, I only have 2 1/2 weeks. That in particualr is important, since we look right into our neigbor's morning room our doors.
    Mark, welcome to the Ryan blogs. I just found yours. My husband suspected it is a code thing. We're going to look into it. We are getting gas, but no one ever mentioned that to us. We'll see...

  4. I got bad news for you, it is a code thing. Our sales rep told us about it. We didn't upgrade the appliances because our rep said if they have to install the microwave, it would look like yours. If we stuck with the basic appliances, sans microwave, we just have to get a dedicated electrical line so when we install the microwave it'll be a normal height.

    On another note, love that closet space. The linen closet in the owners bath was one of the reasons we went with our floor plan.

  5. We are getting gas too. I will check ours out when we have our walk through on Friday and let you know how ours in hung

  6. Your cabinets above your microwave look the ones that go with the standard height. Our cabinets above the microwave are 24.5". I don't know if it's a code thing in your area but I would definitely mention the size of the cabinets to your pm and ask about it.

  7. Gracious it does look rather high! I'm not aware of a code either but it makes sense. I didn't want to get the microwave at all because I'm short and felt like it was an accident waiting to happen! We ended up getting it anyway because my Husband was set on it. We got electric as well.