Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pre-Settlment Meeting and #8

So tonight we had our final walk through.  It was.....BORING!   I was into it for about the first half hour then I totally lost interest.  I know that's terrible to say since this is the meeting that I looked forward to for so long.  We started by going over things on the outside. The porch was poured but not our steps.  We'll have one wooden step until spring.  Other than our rocky driveway we'll pretty much just have a lot dirt for a while.  The driveway will probably be installed in April or May.  Anyway, after that we went through the infamous Ryan Binder of warranties, phone numbers, common issues, etc...  Our PM (whose arms I was admiring!) made it sound really easy to get issues resolved with the service department.  I hope that's our experience.  After that we began the grand tour.  This is where it got boring.  We basically went over every inch of every room.  There were lots of small issues - nicks and dents in the baseboards, paint touch-ups, tight windows, screws that need tightening, etc...  There were a couple of bigger issues.  First, the water didn't work in our master bathtub.  Oops!  He wasn't quite sure why, but obviously it will be fixed before Tuesday.  There was a pretty decent hole in the end of the island.  They did a half-assed job of patching the hole.  Now we're getting a whole new panel.  There were some significant holes in the walls behind two toilets.  I think that was it.  Overall, the house is looking great!

My husband and I went out to dinner afterwards and of course I was talking about the blogs.  I told him I feel like I'm a high-school senior who's excited about going off  to college but at the same time is sad about the life and people that they will leave behind.  I'm beyond excited about moving into the house but be a little sad that I will no longer be in the club of people building a Ryan home.  I will still be reading for sure, and I hope I have things to post every now and then, but it will be quite different than it has been for the past 7 months.  I know that probably all sounds weird, but I've really grown to like this little community we have here :) 

#8 - Staircase

There are some grandiose and elegant stair cases in some Ryan homes.  The Avalon, Victoria Falls, and Jefferson all have beautiful staircases.  While ours won't be quite like that, I really do love it.  I like how it's tucked off to the side.  I love the window and how the stair case turns.  I probably won't like getting furniture up and down, but that's not something I'll be doing everyday.

I'm off tomorrow.  You know what that means! Packing.


  1. You definitely won't be leaving us, you will just be in a different part of the journey, updating on how you decorate and all of your DIY projects! I'll be joining you on that side of the fence in 2 1/2 weeks!

  2. that I'm not the only one who "admires" their PM :-). I really like the staircase in the Venice too; one of the reasons why we chose it.

  3. Yes i love the stair case too...I actually love how its split into two. I love that its in the middle of the house and not as soon as you open the door. And ladies my PM is really cool...but lookswise (not so much)!! hahahahah!

    KM dont leave us!!! lol

  4. KM you'll still be posting hopefully....I have loved following your blog and especially the now daily updates! I love your description of the presettlement walk through - BORING. Too funny! Our PM is pretty nice looking too in a tough and gruff guy sort of way.

  5. Great pics, I really like the window in the stair case. Our PM is nice looking too and kinda resembles Matt Damon...haha. Maybe you can post some pics of your decorated home. It's interesting to see it all come together and of course it's always good to get decorating ideas. :)

  6. I must say KM once you move in things will be a little hectic but as soon as you are settled you have to keep us posted on how things are going with the house I must say I have not been on as much as before the move but I find myself thinking of you all and the blogs thru-out my day.It seems as if I am getting a little settled now so I am looking forward to checking and blogging more frequently, can't wait to get decorating ideas from you guys