Thursday, February 10, 2011

#16 and a Pre Pre-Settlement Meeting

#16 - Dining Room

The only thing that I don't like about our floor plan is that we don't have an extra room on the first floor to use as an office. But, we decided to just use a bedroom for the office for now and eventually when we finish the basement we'll have it down there. After we made that decision, we had to decide whether that room would be a dining room or a living room. Either way, we knew we probably wouldn't use it much. I've always wanted a formal dining room. I still have boxes and boxes of china from our wedding that we've never opened because there's nowhere to put it! I am excited that (when we finally get furniture for that room) we'll have a place to display it. While it won't be extremely formal, it will the most formal room in the house and I think it will be a nice room to walk into when you come through the front door.

We had a pre pre-settlement meeting with our PM last night. My husband emailed him a list of some things we were hoping would be addressed. He was great and is going to work to get most of them fixed. Here are some of the things he's addressing:

- He’s replacing our garage/mud room door. There were some dents in it and the workers used drywall mud to patch it up. It looked pretty bad, so we're getting a new one.

- Two walls are bowed. He explained how, but I wasn't really paying attention, but they will be fixed

- One of the toilets is cracked. We'll be getting a new one of those

- Many nicks in the baseboard will be fixed

- A squeaky step will be fixed

- A big knick in the island will be fixed as well as an island cabinet door that will be replaced

- A big crack in the master bathtub will be fixed

- The door to the master bathroom will be replaced because there is a big bubble in it

I am very happy with how attentive he is. One little annoying thing he probably won't be able to fix is the plastic transition piece that separates the carpet and the vinyl. Aside from the fact that it hurts when you step on it, it's just really cheap looking. But that's how they do it, so we'll have to replace it on our own.

I also spoke to him and our sales reps about the microwave. It is a new code requirement, so there's nothing we can do. Our sales rep didn't mention it because I guess it is this way in the model home. I never noticed it because I never tried to open the microwave door. Anyway, since that's the way it is in the model we were to assume that's how it would be in our house. Whatever. It is the way it is. We'll just deal with it.


  1. Is that how it is in the model? When they installed our carpet they had ugly metal strip separating the carpet and vinyl. It was very "industrial" looking and not what the model home had. They replaced it easily with what was in the model which was still metal but a lot thinner and less noticeable and it doesn't hurt when you step on it. If it hurts to step on it I would definitely ask them if they can change it. Or go and find something you like at the home improvement store and when they come for your 30 day inspection ask them to install it.

  2. I am so happy I found your blog. We are torn over whether or not to buy from Ryan Homes right now. Last night I read all the horrible reviews of the company but the posts were so old. I'm happy to see your blog that is current. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and posting pictures of the progress!

  3. Natalie, it may just be a Pennsylvania thing. I never noticed it in the model, but like I said I never tried to open it. Oh well. Good point about the carpet strip. If I was supposed to expected to know I would get the same kind of microwave since that's what is in the model, then I should also be able to expect the same kind of carpet strip! Our PM said that's they way the company installs it. I'll try to have them do it at our 30 day, but if they won't we'll do it ourselves.

    Lauren, I'm so glad you found my blog! There are a ton of other great blogs, too. If you haven't already - check them out. Like you I was torn after reading the negative reviews about Ryan. There is some bad stuff out there and I'm sure those people have had bad experiences. To prevent that (as best as we could) we've been very involved throughout the whole process. We go several times a week to check things out and had a home inspector check things out for us, too. We feel much more comfortable with it now. Plus, one thing we realized early on was that people who are happy with their Ryan home, probably just move on with their lives. It's the ones who are upset that take to the internet to make noise. That was one of the reasons I wanted to do this blog. There will always be issues with new construction regardless of who the builder is once the house settles. Our experience hasn't been perfect, but all of the issues we've had have been addressed and we've had a good experience with everyone from the sales reps, to our project manager and NVR mortgage. At this point in the process, I would recommend Ryan Homes without a doubt. Keep us posted on if you decide to build with Ryan!

  4. KM, Did you have a pre-drywall inspection and a pre-settlement inspection? If so, can you please let me know some of the findings?

  5. India, during the pre-drywall the inspector found just a few things:
    - structural boards on the landing of the stairs were broken
    - there was a beam that they cut into to fit the duct work and plumbing
    - the half-wall banister going up to the second floor was loose
    - some of the doorways needed to be reenforced
    - and a couple of other wall structure issues
    structure "stuff
    It was nothing major and was all fixed.

    The things I mentioned in this post are what we found this past weekend and that will be checked again at our pre-settlement meeting - IN ONE WEEK!!!

  6. So are you going to have another pre-settlement inspection?

  7. We're having our walkthrough, but my husband's friend who is an inspector probably won't come with us. He's already pointed the items out and that's what they're working on now.

  8. Ok perfect....Im going to be having my pre-drywall inspection next week....thanks girl!!

  9. Did you decide to use NVR mortgage? It seems so much easier to use them, but honestly I'm nervous about using them too. I'm hoping to see how closing goes for all you guys who are currently under construction and that if it all goes well and as promised. Once again...thanks for the blog!

  10. Lauren, we are using NVR. We actually got the better rate with them. So far we haven't had any problems. With closing in 10 days, I'll let you know how it goes.

  11. Hi K, My husband and I are building a home with Ryan homes too. I was wondering if you were allowed to move in some of your furniture ahead of time (pre closing) I am pregnant and the week before we close we will have my in laws here so I was "hoping" we can get some moving done but I am not sure if they will allow it.

  12. Hey there. I just saw your comment that you posted weeks ago. I don't know whether or not you can move furniture in ahead of tiem. We didn't ask, but it's worth a shot! Congrats on your baby!